David A. Block, M.D.

6858 Old Dominion Dr. #302

McLean, VA 22101

Tel. 703-382-6500  Fax 571-933-8258


I am a psychiatrist board certified in both Child & Adolescent and General Psychiatry. I provide evaluations, second opinion consultations, individual psychotherapy, and parent guidance. I see patients from about age 6 through adulthood. About half the child and adolescent patients I see, and some adult patients, have ADHD. Most uncomplicated ADHD in children is adequately treated by pediatricians, so most of my patients with ADHD also have a second diagnosis, such as anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, tics, or depression. That second problem usually requires treatment as well, so psychotherapy and any medication prescribed is directed both at coping with ADHD and treating the second problem. For children with uncomplicated ADHD I can do an evaluation, provide education to parents and child about ADHD, get medication started, and then continue it while seeing you on a less frequent basis. Alternatively, you can return to your pediatrician for ongoing management, with the option to come back if you hit a rough patch. Internists have less experience with ADHD than pediatricians do, so adult ADHD patients are less likely to return to their primary care provider for ongoing management, but that is an option.


A second cohort of my child and adolescent patients, and most adult patients, come not for ADHD but for other painful problems. These include anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, school or work issues, relationship issues, and other problems. For these problems medication may play a role, but psychotherapy is an essential component of treatment. I provide individual psychotherapy in several modes: structured behavior therapy (exposure therapy) for OCD, CBT (cognitive therapy) for certain anxiety disorders and some depressions, and more open ended “talk therapy” for some depressions and problems in living that don’t lend themselves to structured therapies. If the primary patient is a child or adolescent some work with parents is also an essential part of treatment, though some more mature adolescents seek treatment for themselves and my direct work with parents is limited. Some patients are best served by seeing a psychologist, social worker, or counselor for therapy and seeing me for medication management.


I retired in 2014. However, I’ve found that I sought relief from commuting more than from working. I have returned to work on a part time basis. Some websites, and Google Maps, currently say that I have left clinical practice, and my office is described as Permanently Closed. That was true but isn’t true now.


If you’d like to speak with me about arranging a consultation for yourself or your child, please call and leave a message at the number above.


Medical School: Johns Hopkins 1968-1972

General Psychiatry Residency: Johns Hopkins 1972-1975

Child & Adolescent Fellowship: Georgetown 1995-1997